About the Network

Sustainable Cities Center – A global expert network for global challenges
Turning the cities of today into the sustainable cities of tomorrow is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Solutions require a clear vision, a thorough analysis, technical knowledge and a rigorous commitment to its execution from all relevant stakeholders.
As a global network of experts the Sustainable Cities Center (SCC) collaboratively bundles its interdisciplinary forces to design and shape both the agenda as well as move the needle towards sustainability in global megacities. With its full range of skills and experience the Center guarantees an integrated response across relevant sectors and target groups.

What is the goal of the Center?
The overarching goals of the SCC are thus to

  • Contribute to the development of new and innovative solutions for the challenges of megacities.
  • Act as a multiplier by sharing international best practices and promote sustainable development.
  • Provide impulses for the agenda and programs of international donor institutions.

In order to assist cities in moving forward with their sustainable agenda the SCC

  • Develops and implements sustainability strategies.
  • Helps to define goals across city departments.
  • Identifies cost-efficient and innovative solutions in areas such as infrastructure, transport and energy.
  • Mobilizes stakeholders and citizens for the strategy implementation.

What are the challenges?
Cities are epicenters of growth and innovation. More than half of the world’s population now lives in urban areas. Cities offer their populations the best opportunities for education, employment and prosperity. Yet, due to the increasing population density in urban areas, today’s cities reach their capacities and face major challenges such as provision of water, energy and transport infrastructure or manage municipal waste of currently 1.3 billion tons. The SCC therefore tackles challenges at the crossroads of infrastructure, natural resources and environmental issues such as:

  • Energy supply, efficiency and diversification of energy resources
  • Eco-friendly transport solutions
  • Water and waste management
  • Social challenges evoked by infrastructural deficits
  • Communication systems to implement the sustainability measures

As much as these areas face particular tasks, they share one crucial challenge: the success of each sustainability program or measure is in function to how the institutional change in the city including all stakeholders is managed. Bearing this in mind the Sustainable Cities Center responds to the challenges of cities today by developing a long-term strategy that involves relevant sectors and is supported by all stakeholders as well as citizens.